Our goal at Eastpointe is to offer the highest quality provider network services for our members. We realize we play an important role in supporting our providers by making information and resources easily accessible. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact network operations Monday – Friday, 8:30-4:30 at 1-888-977-2160, or email

Contracting and Payment for Services

Eastpointe forms and information for contracting and submitting claims and payments.

Information, Manuals, and Forms

A comprehensive hub for all information, forms and manuals (block grants, general laws, rules and regulations, innovations, provider operations manual, sex offender treatment and system of care).

Program Integrity

Our newsletters offer up-to-date information and resources for avoiding and reporting waste, fraud and abuse.

Meetings and Trainings

Keep up to date with our provider meetings and trainings on important topics such as government programs, service updates, quality assurance and monitoring and more. Meetings and trainings are recorded and organized by category for easy accessibility.

Becoming a Provider

Eastpointe is a closed network; however, we are currently accepting hospitals and Licensed Independent Practitioners . Service additions are determined by network needs and available resources. For more information, please call Network Operations, 1-888-977-2160.

Provider Council

The Eastpointe Network Provider Council represents our provider network and advises on quality-of-care concerns, funding, integrated services and more. This section includes the council’s mission and code of ethics statement and complete member roster /contact information.

Authorization (UM) and Benefits Packages

Our treatment practices and clinical care guidelines for Eastpointe members.

Quality Management

Our Quality Management Program uses a systematic approach to monitor and evaluate care access, appropriateness, safety and effectiveness so that we can continually improve our system of care. This section includes reports and plans related to the Quality Improvement Program and minutes from our Global Quality Improvement Committee.

Residential Vacancy

Tool/resource used by Providers, Eastpointe Care Coordinators/staff to list/view immediate and pending availability of licensed residential beds offered by In-network Providers and/or non contracted providers who may have a vacancy within the Eastpointe 11 county catchment area when members need referrals for placement.