We are actively monitoring the COVID-19 situation. We are following all guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and N.C. Department of Health and Human Services (NC DHHS).

Find updates about what we are doing, what you can do, and resources below.

What you can do

You can help protect yourself and those around you against COVID-19.

Use healthy habits. Wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds. Avoid touching your face and ears. Avoid touching others.

Fight stigma and panic. You are probably seeing a lot of news and social media around COVID-19. It’s ok to feel stressed by it, but it’s important to stay calm and keep using healthy habits.

Stay informed. Use credible sources like the CDC and NC DHHS to learn more about the facts and to find updated news.

Visiting state-operated and residential facilities. The Division of State Operated Healthcare Facilities has restricted visits in state-operated facilities from non-staff and NC DHHS recommends restricting visits to residential facilities for high risk persons.

Avoid large groups of people. When possible, avoid being in large groups or attending large, public events.

Contact your doctor if you feel ill. If you aren’t feeling well and are experiencing a fever, shortness of breath, and a cough, it’s important to contact your doctor. Let them know how you are feeling and discuss your options. You can also call the North Carolina Coronavirus Hotline at 1-866-462-3821.

Call your doctor immediately if you have been in contact with someone known to have COVID-19 or who has recently traveled from an area known to have community spread of COVID-19.

If you need assistance or are experiencing a behavioral health crisis, call our 24/7 crisis call center at 1-800-913-6109.

To review our COVID-19 member updates, visit our Facebook page.

County resources

Below are links to county governments and school systems in our area. Use these websites to access necessary resources and to stay up to date on their COVID-19 response activities.

Joining Meetings With Your Computer or Mobile Device

COVID-19 Question Submission

Please use our COVID-19 Question Submission Form to submit any COVID-19-related questions or ideas for adjusting service delivery.

Temporary Impact To Service Delivery Form

In the event your agency’s ability to provide services is affected, please complete the Temporary Impact To Service Delivery Form. It is imperative that Eastpointe is made aware of these situations in order to support our providers and help ensure our members receive the best possible care.

Updates, Memos, and Q&As

Eastpointe Memos


Questions & Answers

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Other COVID-19-Related Guidance

Access the COVID-19 Related Appendix K Reporting Form by clicking here.

County-level resources for members can be accessed by clicking here.

What Eastpointe is doing

Here’s how we’re working to protect our members and our team:

Access to care. We continue to provide all of our core functions for our members. We are monitoring authorizations to ensure members and their families have access to the care they need during this time. We will update and share guidelines as they are received from NC DHHS.

Crisis call center line. Our crisis line, 1-800-913-6109, is available 24/7 to assist if a member is experiencing a behavioral crisis or needs to find a provider.

Working arrangements. All employees who are able to work remotely have been asked to work from home or “telecommute” as much as possible.

In-person meetings. When possible, our employees are encouraged to have meetings over the phone or virtually. All meetings hosted by third party organizations at Eastpointe facilities have been cancelled. We are following ongoing guidance from NC DHHS regarding member care.

Stay home. We are asking all employees who are sick, or live with someone who is sick, to stay home and find alternative working arrangements.

Travel. We have restricted non-essential work-related travel for our employees.

If you need assistance or are experiencing a behavioral health crisis, our call center is available 24/7 at 1-800-913-6109.

Trusted resources

Learn more from the CDC about how to protect yourself and your community from COVID-19:

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Call the North Carolina Coronavirus Hotline at 1-866-462-3821 or text VIRUS to 336-379-5775.

Eastpointe 24/7 crisis call center
Our crisis call center is available 24/7 at 1-800-913-6109.

Eastpointe events
Changes to events will be posted to our calendar on our homepage as they become available.