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Behavioral Health Screening Program

We ensure those seeking help are linked to treatment to meet their needs. Our goal is to show co-existing disorders and assess suicide risk by offering screenings. Screenings are tools used to identify areas of concern by asking questions. Co-existing means having a substance use and mental health disorder at the same time. Knowing the areas of concern early, helps to make sure correct treatment is given and screenings are usually brief. Evidence suggests identifying those at risk of suicide and continued treatment along with support, produce positive outcomes.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), reports in 2017 suicide was the 10th leading cause of death in the US, claiming the lives of over 47,000. It was the 2nd for ages of 10-34, and 4th for 35-54. In NC, it was the 11th leading cause of death with more than 1,400 dying. It is 2nd for ages 15-34, 3rd for 10-14 with an estimated 1,400,000 attempts in the US per the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. On average, 1 person dies by suicide every 6 hours.


To learn more about how to access care through our Crisis Walk In Centers and Access Department, click here.

If English is not your primary language and you require assistance please contact our member call center at 1 800 913-6109.

Eastpointe Connect

You can take a short, confidential screening for several behavioral health issues. It’s free, easy and available 24-hours a day from any computer or mobile device. The screening is anonymous and provides details on how to access services if needed.